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Feb 14 2013

Take a Depot Tour

school tour 4aLooking a bit like the Pied Piper, Keith Sackewitz leads the children into the Depot to begin their tour. “Down by the Station” is sung by everyone, tickets are issued, and the tour commences.

We’re not sure who has more fun, the children or the tour guides.  When you see Kenyon Kemp’s face light up as he explains how the mail was delivered, or what a caboose is for, you know that both he and the kids are in for a great day.

More and more local schools are taking advantage of Depot Tours making our Depot a vital and energetic place of learning. Volunteers like Keith, Fred, Kenyon and Jim are instilling a love of the Depot and all things trains in a new generation of Tehachapi’s children.

If you’d like to participate in a tour please contact Keith Sackewitz, FOTD’s Education Coordinator, at (661) 823-1100. He’ll schedule a tour that will provide an experience not to be forgotten.

Docent Cashier, Kenyon Kemp shares a laugh with the kids.

The tour begins in the Museum Gift Shop.

Kids Tour Museum Gift Shop 6

Kids Tour the Depot 4

The Loop Orientation Room is filled with artifacts and stories about how the Tehachapi Loop came to be.

Kids Tour the Depot 5

The kids enjoyed seeing the G Scale Train Layout on display in the Freight Room. This exhibit is typically shown during the  

Kids Tour the Depot 3

At the end of the tour, the kid's tickets were punched and they were asked to come back again.

checking the time

All photos for this tour were taken by Nick Smirnoff

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11 to 4 Thursday–Monday
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