Tehachapi Depot Railroad Museum

Feb 14 2013

Southern Pacific RR Station at Cameron

By Del Troy

Betty Hiffner Burgeis's father worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad in the 1930's and the family lived in the railroad station at Cameron which was a pump station. At first it only had one bedroom, no electricity or indoor plumbing. Later, another bedroom and a bathroom were added. The house is all redwood as all railroad buildings were.

Pete Vukich of Tehachapi acquired the building from the Railroad and in the spring of 1957 had the house moved to Old Town Road just off Woodford Tehachapi Road between the Kern County Sheriff's substation and Mourning Cloak Ranch. Pete made some additions to the house and rented it out until he later sold it.

Pete's son, Gerald Vukich was a teenager when the house was moved and remembers that they started at 5:30 in the morning and it took all day to move the house to its present location. A man sat on the roof of the house and with a long pole moved any overhead wires that they encountered on the way.

For many years a circus family owned the house and one would see a huge rocking chair in the front yard. The house is still being lived in today.

Reference: Form 70 Southern Pacific Company List of Officers, Agencies, Stations, Etc. No. 36 July 1, 1909, under San Joaquin Division Betty Burgeis and Gerald Vukich.

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