Progress Rail a company in Mojave, built the bench and donated to the Depot.  They used wheels off of a 1943 Pullman car.  Employees of the plant built it after hours on their own time.  RTS crane set the bench in place with a very large crane as the bench weighs about 2700 pounds.

The Tuesday crew was represented by Dennis Storms, Tom Gorman and Jim Jury.  Jim donated his truck to pickup the bench in Mojave and delivered it to the depot.  The contact person at the Depot was Keith Sackewitz, Board Member, who accepted the donation and organized the delivery.

The bench was set in place on the City grounds at the depot by the signals. It was installed November 22, 2019.  Below are some photos of the bench and it's placement.  It is setting in front of the Stokoe collection on the East side of the Depot.

Photos by Nick Smirnoff, Photographer and one of the original group that started the Depot.

Photo by Linda Gordon, Board Treasurer

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