tehachapi loop overlook project

see photos of the first bus tour of the loop after project was completed.  

The Goal for this Project has been met

   The project construction will start on June 21st.  Thanks to all of the donations we received both large and small it all counted to a successful fundraiser.

    Now we will have to raise money to maintain the Tehachapi Overlook, upgrade it as needed.  

Photo provided by Anne Marie Novinger

safety is why the tehachapi overlook project needed 


Loop view before


LOOP view after completion

Ed Platform 10-20-21 Cropped.jpg

Safety problem photos above & below by Board Member: Marlan Woodside


Photo by Ed Gordon 10/2021 of the new Platform


Loop Maintenance

This project is a joint effort between Kern County, Friends of the Tehachapi Depot and community stakeholders.  Once the project is complete, the county public works department will be responsible for the road maintenance including any repaving, repairs, signage or drainage issues that may arise.  As with all county roads, this is funded with tax dollars and grants obtained by the county.  The platform itself will be constructed of low maintenance materials and will be the responsibility of Friends of the Tehachapi Depot.  They are a non-profit that already leads the  fundraising efforts to maintain our historical Tehachapi Depot Museum and have done so successfully for many years. 


Loop Overlook Reality.jpg
52.06.21 fotd SMIRNOFF  (12).JPG

***Project Team Members***

Front:  Keith Sackewitz, Laura Lynne Wyatt &
Marlan Woodside
Standing:  Steve Smith, Eric Horn, Lydia Chaney,
Linda Gordon & Pat Doody

Posing with new 18 Month Calendar on Sell at the Depot


we have met our goal
thank you to all who donated to this exciting and safe project.

the overlook project should be completed around the end of june


major donors


depot-logo w_o Date.jpg
GTEDC Logo.jpg

Friends of the Tehachapi Depot

Greater Tehachapi Economic Development 

***Project Team Members***

FOTD:  Tim Trujillo, Board President
               Keith Sackewitz, Board Vice-President
               Linda Gordon, Gift Shop Manager
               Marlan Woodside, Board Member
              Nick Smirnoff

Zack Scrivener's Office: Laura Lynne Wyatt
with complete support from Zack Scrivener - Kern County Supervisor - District 2

South Street Digital:  Lydia Chaney and Eric Horn 


8Minute Solar


City Logo.png

City of Tehachapi

BHE logo.gif

BHE Renewables 

Zack Scrivener - Support for Project

Alex Kosich - Conceptual Drawing - Rendering

Tehachapi Live Train Cams - Mike & Cheryl Butters

Audrey Post - Social Media

The Tehachapi Loop:  Claudia Baker, Pat Doody, Staff Writer 

Mary Beth Garrison - Publicity Comment

Popcorn Fundraiser at the Depot 4/10/21 = $2134.00

Zack Scrivener.jpg

Zack Scrivner, Kern County Board of Supervisors - District 2


Marlan Woodside - FOTD Board Member


Lehigh West Cement Plant - Cement

Dal Bunn -- Fill Dirt

John D. & Virginia J. Thompson

Kern County Public Works Department

Griffith Construction

Ramirez Mobile Mix, Inc. 

Keith Sackewitz - FOTD Board Member
Conceived Project


Union Pacific Railroad   $8,500
BNSF Railroad                 $5,000

Thank You for the support to our Railroad Community.

$1,000 Plus Donations

  Kenny Harrison $6,000

(P-Dubs, Heat Source & AMA Builders $2K ea.)

Carole Lindsey $6,000

Waste Management $5,000

Charles Schwab (Steve Shaw)  $1,000

Tim & Judy Trujillo  $1,000    

Marlan Woodside  $1,000

 Alta One  $1,000

Tehachapi Live Train Cams $1,000

Dixie Coutant  $1,000

Tehachapi Valley Recreation & Parks  $1,000

Marathon Petroleum (Mojave Div.) $1,000

J. Michael Hemmer $1,000

$300 Plus Donations


Motter Family  $600    Cheers for Charity  $500

Rotary Club $500  Valley Strong $500

Scott & Mary Beth Garrison $500

Stephen & Pat Smith $500

Mountain Aire Estates $500

RSI (Larry Mitchell) $500

Richard Bissel $500

Del Troy $400     

The Tehachapi Wine & Cattle Company $350

Adam Thacher $350

Sage Ranch $300

Under $300 Donations

       Bruce Jones  $200,  Carter Greene $200

 Ruthie Grimes $200, Keith Sackewitz $200

Charles TeGarden $200

Loren Pine $100,  James Campbell $100

Rosemarie Davis $100, Linda Gordon $100

D & D Revocable Trust $100,  Michael Davies $100

Linda Carhart $100, Tehachapi Loop Railroad Club $100

Mrs. Marcia Thompson $100, Timothy Gassaway $100

J P Imandt $100, James Louie $100. Mary Bouchard $100

Network for Good $50,  Teresa Troll (Perry) $50

Leslie Palmer $50, Thomas Mills $50

Ross Pinyan $50 , Dirk Nijenmanting $50

Charles & Cristina Copus $50

Warhol $30,  John Dilly $25, Gary Woods  $25 

John Lasky $25

Dennis Storms $20, Robert & Barbara Sherrill $20 

William Griffin $30 ($10 Recurring)

Michael Lockwood $10, Martijn de Ru  $10 

Michael Bozzini $10 Kristie Nichols $5,  Cyclist $3  

Tehachapi Loop Railroad Club Members $100