What is going on at the Depot


1. Our Curator (Doug Pickard & his crew) are adding new displays, updating signs, they have a great poster board type display, that is very interesting.

2. The Stokoe display with all the signals outside, now has a display that shows you what the signals are used for. It is nice looking at them, but it helps to know what they are used for.

3. The platform at the Loop is coming along, it is a very positive project.

4. There is a company in Mojave, CA that make trucks for trains. They found 2 that was from 1941, so they contacted us and wanted to know if we would like them, we said yes. So they are going to make a bench out of them and place it on our grounds at the depot by the signals. It was installed november 1, 2019.

5. There is some talk going on, not definite yet, but because of the popularity of the train cams, 2 monitors/tv's will be placed inside the Depot for viewing.

6. We try our best to bring you as much info as possible, so please come and visit us either the first time or multiple times. Our Cashiers and Docents are the best and very friendly and are always happy to visit with you. I have attached some pictures of the Stokoe collection showing the new display.