What is going on at the Depot

1. Our Curator (Steve Smith & his crew) are adding new displays, updating signs.  They have a great poster board type display, that is very interesting.

2. The Stokoe display with all the signals outside, now has a display that shows you what the signals are used for. It is nice looking at them, but it helps to know why and when they are used.

3. The Tehachapi Loop Overlook Project is complete.  We have had a lot of great compliments.  There are still a little work still going on, but overall it is completed and much safer.

4. Because of the popularity of the train cams, a monitor has been placed inside the Depot for viewing of the loop cam. 

5. We try our best to bring you as much information as possible, so please come and visit us for the first time or come multiple times. Our Cashiers and Docents are the best and are very friendly. They are always happy to visit with you. I have attached some pictures of the Stokoe collection showing the new display.




     In addition to the caboose project, FOTD is planning to build an Annex to store the railroad artifacts. 

     Both the Annex and the caboose is to  be funded primarily by donations and grants. It is not our intention to pay for it out of our general funds.  Some of it may but the lion’s share will come from the former. 

     The Annex is a necessity to store artifacts in a safer place, then the basement.

     Both projects are going to take a while  to complete.  So again, donations are welcome.

Thank you all for any donations.


Old Caboose will remain in Tehachapi (Tehachapinews.com)

     The caboose just to the west of the Tehachapi Depot Railroad Museum on Tehachapi Blvd. will remain downtown thanks to the efforts of the Friends of the Tehachapi Depot and a donation approved by the Tehachapi City Council. Article Printed in the Tehachapi News by Claudia Elliott on 12/21/2021.

     The City Council on Dec. 20 donated $19,000 to Friends of the Tehachapi Depot (FOTD) for the purchase of an old caboose.  Volunteers with FOTD plan to restore the caboose and integrate it into their educational program allowing visitors inside.  In addition helping tourism, the caboose will help tell the story of railroading in Tehachapi.  FOTD will transfer the asset to the City once the purchase is finalized.  The City Manager Greg Garrett said the caboose has been a fixture downtown since before Kohnen's Bakery opened in 2004.  In 2009 the caboose was renumbered from its original Southern Pacific number of 1089 to 2009 to commemorate the centennial of the City's incorporation.  The caboose dates back to the early 1940s. A caboose in the same condition have been valued at $30 to $45 thousand dollars and it would cost to approximate $19 thousand to move it to Tehachapi.

RESTORATION:   We have been wanting this caboose for years, but the owner didn't want to sell it, so we were ecstatic to find it up for sale.  The option was that the Depot/City purchased it or it would be moved from our area, this we did not want.   The restoration and moving will be funded primarily by donations and grants. It is not our intention to pay for it out of our general funds. Some of it may but the lion’s share will come from the former.  All donations designated to the caboose restoration project/move will be appreciated.


     FOTD with a donation from the City of Tehachapi has purchased the caboose located on the east side of Kohnen's Country Bakery from Gold Coast Station.  The City of Tehachapi and the FOTD are looking at possibly relocating the caboose closer to the Depot.  FOTD Caboose committee is currently conducting research for the future restoration of the caboose.  SP started buying steel cabooses in 1937 that were manufactured through the Southern Pacific Equipment Company in Los Angeles, CA.  Prior to the mid 1950's, a caboose was assigned to a particular conductor that would personalize it.  Cabooses were considered freight cars even though they were not revenue earning.  They were always a part of a freight train so the ICC in its accounting rules assign them to Account 53 along with all freight train cars.

     The ends of a caboose:  Normally the end on which the hand brake operates is the B end of the car.  As you might have noticed our caboose has hand brake wheels at both ends.  So, the B end on a caboose is the one that has the direct mechanical connection to the brake cylinder under the car. 
On SP cabooses this is the long end with regards to the cupola.  Currently the B end is toward the railroad track and the A end is facing Tehachapi Blvd.  Knowing this helps when describing the item's locations within the caboose.  This will come in handy in future caboose updates.

      As stated above, we are going to have a fundraiser to accomplish this, you may click the Paypal button on the website or mail a check to our address listed at the bottom of the page and note on the donation, what it is to be used for, as we are building an Annex to better store our artifacts and have a small curator office area.