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Photographs by Nick Smirnoff

NEW:  See Live Videos Cams at the Tehachapi Loop,  Depot or West Cable and Giumarra Vineyard, Edison, CA

“Thank you to @Union Pacific Railroad for their contribution

to the Tehachapi Overlook Project. 

Union Pacific has a long-standing commitment to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve and where our employees live and work. Our vision is that Union Pacific employees will take pride in their company's civic leadership,

and that all of our stakeholders will appreciate and recognize Union Pacific as an excellent corporate citizen.

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Friends of the Tehachapi Depot (FOTD)

    The Friends of the Depot is a non-profit corporation (501c3) that operates the Tehachapi Depot Railroad Museum.  The Museum buildings and displays are owned by the City of Tehachapi.  The property is owned by Union Pacific.  The Museum is totally operated by volunteer members of Friends of the Tehachapi Depot.  The funds that we receive are from our small gift shop, donations from our visitors, bus tours and special events throughout the year as well as individual and corporate.

      We are very proud of our Museum, and equally proud of our volunteers, who welcome our visitors with open arms, and who educate them about the Depot's historical background, including the development of railroads in the United States,  and inform them about our community.

     All donations are appreciated, as they allow us to accomplish our goal of educating our visitors about the Depot history, train safety and the famous Tehachapi Loop.  The adjacent rail line is a very active freight route used by both the Union Pacific (UP) and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroads. 

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At the Tehachapi Depot Railroad Museum, we believe that a museum is not just a place for storing unique objects. Rather,it’s a place for people to engage, interact and ponder. This is because education involves active participation which is why we offer a wide array of events and exhibitions that range from celebrational to educational, targeting both adult audiences and the entire family. We invite you to peruse our upcoming schedule and plan a special day with us.

Photographs on this page was submitted by Nick Smirnoff

We Can't Wait to See You Here

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Stokoe Signal Collection & Signage

There's something for everyone at the Tehachapi Depot. With four great rooms to visit, hundreds of train items on exhibit, a working train signal garden, play lot for the kids, free tours, and a beautiful gift shop.

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One of the Elementary School Tour of the Depot

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Bell Ringing inside Depot

Unloading Bench from Jim Jury's Trailer.
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Progress Rail a company in Mojave, built the bench and donated to the Depot.  They used wheels off of a 1943 Pullman car.  Employees of the plant built it after hours on their own time.  RTS crane set the bench in place with a very large crane as the bench weighs about 2700 pounds.

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